Monday, February 10, 2014

My Wonderful WonderMill

So everyone else always seems so bloggy and cool except for me. I feel like I blog for fun but can never keep up with the popular hipster bloggers. I gave up trying to fit in because quit frankly technology hates me too much for me to ever make it in the internet world. I have happily accepted that my blog is an outlet an may never be read by more than one person a day. Either way it makes me happy so I keep it as an outlet. :) Well all this to say I was actually accepted into one of those cool blogger people get free stuff and write about it challenges. I felt like a kid at christmas! I could not believe I was accepted! I thought at first maybe I just got myself suckered into a scam but low and behold my Wondermill came in the mail as promised!

I thought I might pee my pants with unexpected joy :) I grew up grinding my own flour with my mom and sisters. It made the most incredible bread and I loved the smell of fresh ground flour. But now with my own household it was just an expense we didn't see fitting into the budget anytime soon. EEEEK I now have a mill and all I have to do is use hello no problem there!!! :) My challenge: Make 3 recipes using my new mill and post about them on Wondermill's blog before March 1st. I AM IN HEAVEN! I never ever imagined myself getting accepted. I applied a year ago and was denied. Randomly I received an email in December letting me know the next round was open and they had accepted my application. I can honestly say it was perfect timing. I was getting the blogging blues and it was just what I needed to get my tooshy up and moving.

I was happy when I found wheat berries at Walmart! (not a big selection but hey it will get me started) Good Ol' Wally World. Well just wanted to share that little bit of exciting news.Gotta go don my apron & visit the kitchen :) Happy baking everyone!!

*Here are the links to my recipes:

Well, I completed the challenge, feels good to say that :)

(The views in this post are 100% my own opinion and are not affiliated with my Wondermill challenge)