Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pots de Creme

AHHH!! I feel so accomplished right now let me tell you! Of course it's no surprise I decided to start off my challenge with a recipe from the sweets section ;) My choice (based on the availability in my pantry) was Pots De Creme (a cross between chocolate pudding, mousse & custard made with strong coffee & chocolate chips).
To be really honest I thought this one would be super easy (because it's supposed to be) but cooking hungry rarely leads to good things. I think the growl of my stomach blinded my ability to use common sense. *Sigh* someday I'll learn...eat first, then try that exciting new recipe. Thus, I royally messed this up the first go around. The Recipe says for eggs to be room temp. (mine were freezing, so I tried microwaving them & I don't event want to tell you what that looked like) & I realized afterwards that frozen chocolate chips probably weren't the best choice either. Live and learn...I ended up with chunky Pots De Creme and it tasted pretty gross. Did I mention I also thought it was a good idea to multi task and make boiled eggs at the same time??Well atleast I can vouch for the eggs, they are okay. :) 

But don't lose heart this is a success story! I tried again :) I got my eggs and chocolate chips at room temp and low and behold just as the recipe stated it worked! My Pots De Creme was actually creamy *whew*

Brewing my dark magic k-cup for the coffee needed. It's my fav! 

You chop up the chocolate, vanilla & eggs the pour in the coffee..yum! :) 
I am so literal with recipes I have a measuring utensil for a "pinch"... It makes me happy :) 
Dessert is served: 

Well there you have it: my first recipe and also my first time ever trying, or even knowing about, Pots de Creme. I feel a little larger and a little more educated all at once, I say that makes for a pretty good evening. 

Oh the success of the first checkmark in my cookbook :) 

Need some chocolate in your life too?  Here's the recipe: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2008/05/easy-delicious-and-yes-elegant-pots-de-creme/

You're welcome :)