Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Laundry Detergent

Okay Folks... After looking up many different ideas on pinterest I finally mastered my own laundry Detergent. I found great instructions from Simply Designing by Ashley (Thanks Ashley!) & then made a few changes of my own.


  •   1 Cup Borax  
(Found in the laundry aisle of Publix or at your local grocery store around $4.00)

  •  1 Cup Baking Soda turned into Washing Soda
 (You can buy Washing Soda where the Borax is found but #1 I had difficulty finding it my first time around #2 I already had a large bag of baking soda from Sam's club. However, on my last trip to Publix I noticed the Washing Soda for around $4 so if you want to save a little time just grab that with the Borax. I find it more economical to just use baking Soda because it has more purposes for me then just being use fore laundry detergent. Saving some time is amazing also though, so do whichever is easiest for you.) 

  •  1 Bar of soap 
(most recipes I have found call for ivory or fels naptha soap. However, I have used two different kinds of soaps so far, other than those kinds, & love them more then Ivory or Fels Naptha. I buy the Yardley brand at our local dollar Store. I love the lavender scent and the $1 price tag. My favorite is the Castile soap (lemon fragrant) I bought at our health food store but one bar is $3 so that is my splurge every so often. I have to be honest I hated the smell of the Ivory soap I bought (also found this @ Publix..I am all about one stop trips) It was around $5 for a 3-pack...I used the one and not really to excited to use the rest of them up I will definitely  be sticking with the Yardley and Castile soap.



  1. If you are using a food processing cut your soap up for easier blending. Then using your food processor or blender chop you soap (or use a hand grater to grate the soap) 

  2. Then combine the Borax & Washing Soda with the soap in the food processor. (Or take the grated soap and place in your designated container and shake well) Mix until all ingredients are thoroughly combined & pour into your chosen container.

  3. "WALLAH" It's done! Use 2-3 tbs per load (I have found that washing my hubby's "smelly" man clothes with the 1 tbs. many recipes call for is just not enough to kick the smell)

I got this cute container from Walmart & the chalkboard sticker from Etsy

Recipe For Washing Soda: 

Baking Soda turns into washing soda after being heated. 
* Preheat oven to 400 F
* Spread the needed amount of baking soda, in this case 1 cup, onto a clean baking sheet. 
*Bake for until the soda becomes "ashy"(takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour)
*Stir occasionally

Baking Soda before

Baking Soda after I baked it for 1 hour

Extra Tips:

*I also keep a spray bottle with white distilled vinager to spray on my hubby's work clothes to help remove those unwanted smells. ;) 
*You can also pour 1 cup of vinager in your wash for an extra cleaning "boost' (Do Not Worry, the smell of vinager is not left on your clothes it washes out completely...I Hubby & I do not walk around smelling like vinager, Gross!)
* If you have a little room in the budget you can mix essential oils, such as lavender sandalwood or ylang-ylang, in with your vinager (about 20 drops). Honestly, we are not at that place yet so I pour in a little bit of lavender scented Epsom salts I found at the dollar store. I don't love the fake fragrance & chemicals but sometimes you just got to be creative with the budget. 
*Last but not least.....I use 1/2 cup of Ice Cream Rock Salts in the wash when cleaning my towels or bedding. These help the washing processing as well as give a nice fluff for your stuff. ;)

Enjoy the DIY project & the womanly feel you get with it...oh yea and the clean nice smelling clothes that are now waiting for you to fold and put away...this project kind of makes that part fun...