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Aj and I tied the knot 8 months ago...(I realize that is hilariously short and laughable  but I can't believe it has already been that long! After dating for 4 years I thought marriage would never come, now I can't believe 9 months have already flown by! I have been taking the time to look back and remember that crazy wonderful day. I am so thankful to my momma & dad for all the help they put forth to make it all happen. DIY weddings are a blast...and a headache. I was a full time senior in college, the girls RA (Residence Assistant, AKA: mother of the dorm), & full time engaged lady trying to plan my wedding, which was fully DIY. I remember looking up pictures and ideas and it was SOO helpful when I was trying to put everything together. So....I wanted to share my wedding pictures for any bride out there needing some inspirational pictures & evidence of enjoying and surviving their DIY wedding, or for any girl (like myself) who is still obsessed with wedding pictures...esp. vintage & antique. For as long as I can remember I have loved antique items. For me consumerism is lifeless. I love the story behind each belonging tucked away in some shabby chic place.   

Well...without further is my love story:

After much joking I finally gave in to my dad's idea and got married at my parent's country glad I did..guess dad's do know whats best...sometimes ;)

We used this tree as the main "backdrop" For our pictures..I used one of my best friends as our photographer (& her sister was actually one of my bridesmaid, was so special having them be a HUGE part of the wedding!) 

If you are in the FL area check out A&G Photography...she is so talented as you can see =)

Sisters, friends from college & highschool & actually elementary school too. I let the girl's pick out their dresses. I just told them to find something sundress style in a neutral beige/taupe color. They did a great job and looked amazing too. They loved being able to spend what their personal budget allowed.....all-in-all it was a success.  

My sisters, I was so proud & happy they were there to support me as my maid of honor & matron of honor

Gifts piled in the vintage car
We actually ended up having two vintage cars placed on the property for free from friend's of my parent's. We used this one to hold the gifts at the reception. The other one we drove away in. Hands down it was the highlight of the event. The guests LOVED taking pictures by the antique cars. 

Like I mentioned before this was our "backdrop" I DIY the Chandelier in the background. I found it for $5 @ a flea market & revamped it with paint, glue and of course some bling. The whicker furniture we also bought thrifty (what I call items that came from either thrift stores, garage sales, or flee markets..or by some other crazy "thrifty" means)  and we gave it some fresh paint & a little fixing up. (Can you believe I did all this and was in college full time 2 hours from my parent's was a blurr! 
I am so thankful for all the help I got! 
***Key to DIY Weddings...ASK FOR HELP! DELEGATE!! I am usually shy but the wedding really stretched me to reach out and ask friends & family for help. I learned a lot along the way

 For this smoochers we took a quick stroll through the neighbors empty lot beside the house. 
 I made this pillow & we placed it beside the cupcake table. The pillow now adorns my couch. I love  it, & the memory it represents.

 My sister made these signs for my two nephews to carry down the asile. I am so proud of them they did pretty well!
Naturally, this was one of the best moments of the wedding for me personally, besides, of course, marrying my husband. When I was 2 years old my dad broke his neck in a car accident when he was in the military. He is a quadriplegic  but that never stops him. His usual chair makes him shorter than me, so for the wedding he wanted to be able to walk me down the asile...& he did!!! It was so special to be able to look up into his face and remember his height and strength. I am so proud of him. This was so special to us both. We laughed/cried all the way down the aisle.  (We sprinkled the grass with light pink fav! It's an easy decor idea for simple elegance) 

 My mom was so busy helping get things together she did not get a chance to help me get ready..but she stole a couple minutes to celebrate with me before things got even crazier  *Brides: take time to breathe and appreciate these moments, they are precious & yet easily overlooked. I am thankful for my older sister who reminded me of this importance. 
Because of logistics Aj and I saw each  other before the wedding. We shared this special moment before the photographer gathered us all together. I loved having him see me for the first time just us...I was able to be me and not have the nerves sabotage the moment. 

Two Comments:  #1 Hard. #2 Fun. 
Aj's groomsmen were all Josh's and Johns!! AHH talk about confusing! Except of course for Petey...Can you guess who that is? lol We had so much fun thankful for blessed friendships. (A friend and I made the boutonnieres with silk fabric and antique keys found in a dumpster. The light blue ties I ordered online for $5!)

Got married on the front porch & Aj's father married us. You can't see it in the pic but there was an antique dresser in front of the door with another chandelier hanging from the ceiling  Looked so pretty.  

I ordered these clutches on Etsy & then I added the blue fabric flower myself. I was really worried about this decision because I love flowers, but I was trying to really use money wisely and for things more lasting than just one day (hence all the decor that is now in my house). I am so glad I was brave & went for it. My bridesmaid's and I loved the clutches! They all loved the little keepsake of them too. I am very glad I chose them. 

 My aunt helped out with the decor and setting up...she got addicted to making those burlap bows with the tulle, but hey I'm not complaining It looked great & I took them apart and now use them for craft material.

I love my parent's house. Country Love *

Aj's extended family does not believe in dancing...of any kind..and yes it was my wedding but I decided to honor their beliefs. So we stole away and shared a dance for us & for our photographer to capture. 

My uncle took care of the food and served us BBQ...Um yes I ate!! We also had the mason jar goblets..hilarious. 

Okay the dress.....MY FAVORITE PART OF MY WEDDING STORY!!! I found this dress at a thrift store with my mom for $150!!!  God is good!! It fit like a glove! I had the date of my wedding sewn into the bottom of the dress. (in blue thread of course)..forgot to get a picture but I remember & it's special to me.. It is all vintage beading...oh so antique lovers out there understand...they don't make them like they used to. I just kept thinking about the story of the dress & wondering about other women who also walked down in the
beautiful lace gown & what kind of legacy they remains a mystery...

The processional music was my favorite song "this will be an everlasting love" It just get's you in the "walking mood" =)  
Instead of favors we had tin buckets filed with ice and old fashioned sodas and was a huge hit! I used the boxes they came in to make a banner sign that hung above the buckets

The curtain in the back is actually painters drop cloths (cheaper way to go to buy fabric that has similar appearance to burlap) & of course my aunts burlap bows adorned the tie backs...cute..and my favorite twinkling white lights. And you can't tell too well in this picture but we had tea cups hanging with ribbon form a branch in the tree

When it get's late & I get tired...we get ridiculous. 

This is my oldest Nephew Noah..he walked down the aisle carrying one of the signs we made him. The two signs said "Uncle AJ" "Here comes your bride"

We rented table /chairs & white table clothes. We then decorated with burlap, lace, and & eclectic antique items for the centerpieces. Each table was different. 

For our cake we had....cupcakes of course! My aunt made these for us as our present. Family and friends are key to DIY weddings. Get them on board and appreciate all they do, it's hard work! 

Baby's girl's key to wildflower look! 

With the big grass area the kids had a blast playing with bubbles, swinging on the rope swing, & the older kids played croquet. It was a family fun affair. 

We had a typewriter @ the guest table when people walked in...guess where we got yep being "thrifty"

The tables were placed on the concrete driveway so the grass could be used for the picnic blankets and games. (This was a couple who got married a few months after cute...)
For the cake table we used my grandpa's vintage dresser. My younger sister & I made the cake topper and the framed initials  I love the frame...It is hanging above my couch in my living room. I get so many compliments on it and, like the pillow, I LOVE the memory. 

Our groomsman Petey & bridesmaid Morgan played a few songs on their saxophones. AMAZING! 

My bridesmaid Kat and photographer Ana were so kind and made these "thank you" fans for us. We had them near the ceremony in case it got hot or the sun was in the guest's eyes. 

We definitely caked each other good. I had it everywhere...sometimes you got to have a little fun. 

My grandma just recently passed away a little while after my wedding. She was so in love with the vintage items she was caught taking the pearls off the tables. She kept one pair and wore them until the day she passed away. She showed them to everyone and would not even go to bed without them. I feel gratitude to have this as my last memory of my grandma… after all...she is the artist in the family, I have her to thank for my love of glitter & glue.

Picnic blankets & hand painted wooden signs and hanging above this trunk was the teacups with ribbon.

Thrifty bird cage & burlap "card" sign. I dislike birds ALOT (they hated me first) But I absolutely love the look of vintage birdcages. I am very glad it's filled with cards and $ not feathers and beaks. 

Instead of a guestbook we had them write us a note of encouragement, advice, prayer etc. The box now sits on our bookshelf. I love sitting down and going back over all the notes, some are funny some serious. 

This is the white chalkboard that I repainted and use as a "chore list"or love note board

I love these flower sooo much!!! My bouquet came out exactly as I pictured. I dried them and they are in a pearl-decorated mason jar on my bookshelf. 
 The hubs! =)
We had a kids table for them to paint and draw well as eat on...My uncle cooked them hotdogs in case BBQ was not their thing. (the drink is Malta..a Spanish version of GROSS! lol It is an acquired taste I wish to never acquire..but AJ loves it and so does his family. Since the country was everywhere I had to find ways to incorporate the Hispanic. I was happy to do it as long as I did not have to drink it =)

Flower toss!! I stood on the patio and threw it down. My good friend from college caught it & is actually soon to be engaged! It was very special. 

My older sister surprised us at the reception with these homemade shirts for my nephews, which reads: "we want cousins!!!" hahaha we still laugh about it....and they still wear them. 

Elijah is the second oldest of 3 boys...& soon to be another. 

 The antique car we drove away in

.......DIY Weddings are Fun.....