Hey, I'm Megan! 
 I'm a married gal who loves to blog, eat, & attempt random DIY projects that I only successfully finish 50% of the time. I also love to make my kitchen REALLY messy in pursuit of delicious goodies that make my heart happy. :D  Currently my husband and I reside in Ohio & he is serving  as a Youth Pastor for high-schoolers...I help him have clean laundry & stay sane ;)

In a nutshell:

I love:
  •  Family, in-laws included (We are blessed!) 
  • Sugar, sugar, & more sugar 
  • I use my blow dryer to warm my feet up it works wonders!
  •  I love eating clean whole foods 
  • I am a contradictory: I love sweets, thanks to my dad, but I also love nutrition and learning about what's good for your health. Every once and awhile though you will still catch me eating fake food at McDonalds...just being honest... 
  • I want chickens, a miniature pig named Lola & a dairy cow:  cute and practical..I one day see these animals in my future after I finish my persuasive speech for the hubs. It's going to have to be pretty darn good.
  • Coffee 
  • Walks with our dog Lloyd
  • The Country 
  • Little House on the Prairie
  • Mason Jars!! (my blog title should be will work for cupcakes...& mason jars)
  • DIY projects make me feel like I am all that is woman
  • Random crafting escapades...which is my usual justification for ignoring the vacuum
  • Thrifty finds
  • Cupcakes...SOOO GOOD! I am loyal to them. I've  been known to travel just to visit new cupcakes stores. They are the treat that sustained me through college...and when I  worked...and well life in general...Oh little pieces of heaven :D
  • (Sometimes I wish the world was like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory...except without all the weirdness)

The Hubby: 

  • LOVES music (plays every instrument.... except the tambourine because well, those things are annoying!)
  • Doesn't like sweets (weird)
  • Retired Batista who makes me delicious coffee...true love..
  • Is Cuban and makes amazing food 
  • He is teaching me how to be less artistic in the kitchen and thus a better chef ...I feel like if the colors look great it will taste great...wrong...the chefs on TV know what they are throwing around...acting like them does not produce the same results as actually being them...darn....

Loves people ...but not dogs..we are working on his dysfunctional social skills ....