Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Love Garage Sales & Thrift Stores

Thrifty Finds 

This has been one of my most exciting garage sale finds recently. It is an antique, vintage, shabby chic school bench. (Yes all those adjectives apply =)) 
My friend and I went out early morning and pumped up with some cheap but sugary McDonald's coffee. It was a very beautiful morning, thank goodness because we were determined to go rain, sun, or humid. We were blessed with a cool breeze, which I am thankful for since my friend was very pregnant and still determined to go with me. I can't even tell you how many times we had to stop for her bladder haha...I lost count...literarlly. 
   Well we packed the car so full of furniture, fabric, & baby stuff for her nursery we could barely fit in the car. I wished we had stopped for a picture...we could have won an award or something!
This was my golden egg though. The gentlemen wanted $25.00. I mustered all the confidence I had and asked if he would accept $5.00....SCORE!!! Sometimes ladies it doesn't hurt to ask, try it! You do not have to be pushy, there is a polite way to bargain. It is fun! I used to hate it but i must say I see more bargaining in my future garage-saling trips. I would love to keep this for myself but honestly I do not have room in our I am going to paint it and fix it to sell in my etsy store. 
I also got this amazing vintage sewing machine...which works! I was going to keep it but my grandparents-in-law bought me one for Christmas so this is also going to find a nice home in the store. I really love it though. Great machine! The don't quit make them like they used to!


*Plan out your garage sales. It is fun to drive around and find them but is nice to have a structured plan. There are lots of websites that post garage sales and also Crieg's list posts them. Then on your from one stop to another use your hawk eyes to spot garage sale signs. 
*Do not dress cute! We are garage saling not shopping at the mall! Dress the part! I am not talking about neing unethical but seriously...who would sell me a bench for $5 if I look like amazing?  Plus it is much more comfortable to be in and out of the car in sweat pants then cardboard jeans. 
*Bring snacks or extra change for a quick snack...(not sit down don't waste your precious morning hours! The good stuff and deals go fast! The earlier the better!)
* Bring a friend, it makes the day fun! Share your list with each other to help you both get what you are looking for. Usually you spot what they want before what you want...(it would work that way wouldn't it)
*Make sure to have cash....& quarters! (quarters are the golden key to garage saling!) 
*Have fun! Bring Water! ....& take a nap when you get home