Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chalkboard Frame

There is nothing that says "I love you" like a chalkboard note...and a list of chore reminders.
My husband and I for weeks now have been trying to figure out a better solution to our chore reminder issue..besides my verbal cues or ugly notes on the fridge. So...last week I remembered this chalkboard frame I made for my wedding. For the wedding the frame was white, but since I have white walls I decided to revamp it again...this poor frame has been done and redone.
This looks so cute inside as decor, or even outside for a party..with valentines day just around the corner this would be adorable with a cute love quote. I love being able to write little notes and love sayings to my husband....not just as a chore reminder.

Here are some easy Steps to make this DIY Frame


Chalboard paint
Paint brush
Sandpaper (optional)
The glass in the frame or cardboard
Acrylic paint (I just used the cheap stuff from Walmart sold in little bottles in the craft aisle for $0.80)


1. Find a frame...this one and many others I used for my wedding were purchased for $1-2 at a garage sale. 
2. Take out the glass and backing and sand paper the front of the frame.
3.  Paint the frame. If desiring more than 1 coat, let dry in-between
4. If you desire the shabby chic distressed look here are two options:
#1 Let the paint dry completly then sandpaper until the desire amount of distressed look is evident
#2 Before the paint drys completely dab/rub sections off with a paper towel. (Paint should not be wet. It is best to let it dry for a few minutes before rubbing with the paper towel.
6. Spray the painted frame (distressed or regular) with a spray acrylic sealant. (I usually use the Mod Podge brand available at craft stores or Walmart) 
5. Paint the glass with the chalkboard paint. Allow it to dry in-between coats (Some frames bought from garage sales are less expensive because they do not come with the glass front. In this case cut a piece of sturdy cardboard that fits your frame. (Note: more coats are necessary for this method. This is a good alternative but glass is definitely preferred as it produces a better quality chalkboard) 
6. After everything is dried re-assemble the frame 

Enjoy the cuteness *