Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A BIG Move

It has been sooo long since I've been able to post and boy have I missed it! Crazy that within just a few months my life turned completely upside down! Aj and I had just moved into a house for rent in FL when 2 months later we prayed about and pursued a job opportunity in Ohio. It was a very bittersweet decision. We were tired and ready for change, but never anticipated that big of a change. After only 2 months in the new rental house we packed up and traveled a very long 23 hours with Lloyd, who took up all the room in the moving truck, to start our new adventure. Just like that everything changed! God really provided for us and gave us a fresh start. Aj loves his new job as senior high pastor and I love being a stay at home wife, for now, and being available to help him and attend the events. I feel too blessed. We miss our family but there is nothing like the peace that fills your life like knowing you are walking in obedience in God's will. So all that to say we are still getting adjusted and I'm TRYING to stay warm in this COLD weather ❄️ I experienced my first white thanksgiving and hopefully will have my first white Christmas too!
-So long from Ohio!