Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Eggless Brownie...Who knew?!

This past weekend I drove to my parent's house to visit with them as well as help my sister (the one with all the kiddos) host a Lemongrass Party. We had a blast! Lloyd LOVED the 2 hour car ride, I however, did not. My back hurt so bad but the thought of family, food, and a spa party pushed me onward! Futhermore, Lloyd was that annoying passenger who sleeps the whole way there while the driver fights to keep their eyes open. Honesty moment, I got so jealous about halfway through the trip on the way there I woke him up just so I didn't feel so alone...poor guy. I now realize the selfishness of my actions and will repent, maybe.

My passenger

Cute little sleeper!!

Anyways we made amazing good o'l sweet tea and one of our many adventures was finding a way to make brownies without eggs. My mom and I started making brownies before we realized we had no eggs. Now, for you city people this wouldn't be much of a catastrophe. Country know what I'm talking about and are well acquainted with that "panicky-sinking-oh NO!" feeling that comes when your making a recipe and realize you don't have that one ingredient. We couldn't stop either, we were committed!! We were going to come through, or at least waste ingredients trying... so....we improvised and googled (the thing that is ALMOST as amazing as pinterest) some recipes for an idea on how to make this brownie thing work, without our precious eggs.  We chose the recipe on Spice Up The Curry  (thanks for the great recipe) and then tweaked it to our own liking. I'm just going to post our recipe with the tweaks but really hers is great too and her pictures are amazing, check it out sometime.

*These are really yummy too with some powdered sugar sprinkled on top

*Note to brownie lovers: while these are yummy I have to be honest and tell you that while they are good I still am a fan of egg-filled brownies, but these are a very good alternative.

* You can use store-bought applesauce or homemade

*We used chocolate chips & Dominican Republic Chocolate bar...Get creative! (just keep in mind if you are using chocolate with added sweetener lessen the sugar amount. Our chocolate bar did not have any sugar.