Tuesday, March 12, 2013

$$ Saving All-Purpose Cleaner

 To save money so I can buy more Scentsy products...I mean to save money for our savings...I began making my own house cleaner. (If you don't know what scentsy is check it out! I accidentally caught a dishcloth on fire with my candle in our little apartment kitchen, so now I only use these warmers) Anyways.... this cleaner has NO CHEMICALS, for that fact alone I love it. I have seen this same recipe using essential oils. I LOVE essential oils but right now they are just a little pricy for us so I use this "copy-cat" mixture.


Lemon Peels
Lime Peels (optional) 
Orange Peels (optional) 
Funnel (optional but helpful)
Spray Bottle
Wide-Mouth Glass Jar


--Fill a wide-mouth mason or other glass jar with vinager and your leftover lemon, orange peels and/or lime peels. Let this sit a few days (there is no exact time table, it's personal preference of how much patience you have to wait for the citrus smell). I just throw them in whenever I have lemon or orange peels left over from baking/cooking. You can throw a whole lemon/orange in there too if you want! The sky is the limit.

* If you are in the "extreme-vinegar-smell-hating" club then I would recommend using fresh whole lemons, oranges, and/or limes to assist in overpowering the vinager smell. I use leftovers and I can just slightly smell the vinager, but I know you guys have those extra keen noses.    

   --Once it has reached your desired citrus smell pour the mixture into your plastic spray container (I recycled an empty cleaner bottle, But you can get a spray bottle at the dollar store). As you know, I love funnels so of course I used one! Best invention ever!

* I use this cleaner on my kitchen counters, bathtub, sink.... you name it. I love that it's all natural and no harsh chemicals are being sprayed where I put my food....Happy Cleaning Ladies, Friends, & Mommas!