Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mayo Substitute

Looking to find other ways to make chicken salad and sandwich spread without making homemade mayo or using store bought stuff??? Look no farther, I have found it!

Drum Roll Please................

  When smashed avocados make a lovely creamy substance that tastes very much like mayo in dishes like chicken salad, and yummy spread on sandwiches. Many people do not like avocados for the texture but when smashed as a spread it has a light flavor and makes a great mayo substitute. My husband and I today for lunch are eating chicken salad made with avocados instead of mayo and it is delicious!  To use for sandwiches I mash first then spread. For the chicken salad I went ahead and scooped the avocado whole and then mashed it with everything else as I stirred. I haven't tried this yet in egg salad. I will give it a go and report back here as soon as I do. If you have tried that already fill me in!

I hope you find this as successful and enjoyable as I did.