Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plastic Egg Makover

Easter is just around the corner so there is no better time to pull out those plastic eggs & give them a nice little makeover. I have two decor items in my house I've been wanting some faux eggs to place in. One is a basket in my kitchen the other is this adorable little nest I found at an antique store. That same amazing antique store was selling faux eggs but were $3 each! Ouch no thanks! Maybe one for that price isn't tooooo bad but to fill the basket would have been a little ridiculous. So, I pulled my crafty self together and found an bag of plastic eggs from the dollar store & some paint ... score! I made about 12 eggs for around $2, now that's what I'm talking about!


*Plastic Eggs
*Old Toothbrush
*Paint - I used 3 different neutral colors but you can do any color you want (robin blue would be adorable! )
* Dark Brown Paint
*Extreme Glitter Paint
*Super Glue (If needed)

Step One:

Glue the plastic eggs pieces together so they don't pop open. Be careful if you decide to use hot-glue as it can leave "bulges" on the outside of the egg) (My eggs already stuck together pretty firmly so I actually skipped this step. Feel free to skip this unless you feel your eggs pop open a little too easy)

Step Two:

Cover the egg in "globs" of extreme glitter paint. It doesn't matter what color because it willbe completely   covered up with paint. Make sure to make a nice glob around the crease of the egg to help hide it. This step helps to add a realistic texture for your egg as well as help the paint layer stick.

Step Three:

After the glitter paint is completely dry paint with your preferred color of paint. I had to do two layers  in order to achieve the look I wanted.

Step Four:

Prepare for messy fun!! Set up a cardboard box (I cut out a side to have more "space" but you can just "lean" over the box) Make sure your paint is fully dried. Add a little water to the dark brown paint. Dip your toothbrush into that water/paint mixture and run your finger along the bristles of the toothbrush in order to sprinkle the eggs. It will not be perfect, have fun with the spots and unique   "splashing" of each one...that's how it is in nature anyways right?!

Step Five:

Use these lovely eggs around the house & for cheery spring decor  :)