Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5:30 Brownies

These are my 5:30 brownies, that's what I'm calling them. I woke up the other morning and decided what I needed to get through my day at work was a batch of homemade brownies. So I got my booty out of bed at 5:30am and I whipped up some "healthy" brownies in my PJ's and apron before work. I used a "healthy" recipe (using coconut oil, honey, & maple syrup) but for this brownie pining they needed the "unhealthy" addition of sugar. However, seeing as how only one eye was able to fully open at that time in the morning, I'm not actually sure what when in them or how much of what...So they are my mysterious "healthy" not-so-good-but-really-good-to-me brownies. I do know this, that extra sugar did not get added in...oops...It's probably for the best considering I started out the morning with 5 (they were small squares, don't judging me) and ended the day with a few more. I figured out that if you ate them with strawberries and quickly drank milk they tasted almost like normal brownies...almost. Anyways, all this to say I survived work that day with my 5:30 brownies. They tasted terribly amazing. I was in the chocolate mood so let me tell you, they hit the spot. It worked out perfectly too since no one else had quit the craving I did and left me to my sugarless, chalk-like brownies.

We all need a good smile now and then...however...I recommend just sleeping in a little more before work...that day was a blur