Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentines Pillow

For Christmas this year my grandparents-in-law bought me a sewing machine...It is so beautiful and wonderful and magical (can you tell I'm excited?!) I was extremely sick on Christmas & pretty much my whole winter break from work. (tear). My poor new sewing machine has just been sitting in the box. For Christmas all I could do was hold the box, it was the least I could to do say thank you! I had my husband put the box in the bed with me so I could read about it as I dozed in & out of sleep. It was pathetic haha. Anyways, a few days ago I was finally able to break the beauty out and put her to good use. I am trying to open an etsy store to earn some $ for my husband and I's missions trip this summer. (They recommend starting with 8 items) Well here is my first successful product! Before I received my sewing machine my sister let me borrow hers for awhile, as well as helped me start getting the motivation to make pillows & such for people to buy. I feel so blessed & supported by those around me...I have no excuses now to put off doing this. I am hoping this week to create eight items and open the store.
*I say hoping because my older sister is getting ready to have her 4th child (she has 3 boys ages 4, 3, & 1). To help her prepare for this upcoming adventure, in addition to the one she is living, I am planning to prepare frozen meals for her growing family. Working full time is a blessing but it makes all these projects a juggle. I am a thankful-stressed lady with bigger plans than time... Oh well, it's part of the fun. This week is going to be full with crafting & baking, we will see how much I accomplish. With one project down, I'm off to a good start (Did I mention that on top of the 8 projects this week I'm also working on a gift project for a baby!!!)   
.....let the adventure begin!!
This is the living room of our 1 bd. apartment. I'm so thankful for AJ and his flexibility with allowing me to turn our living room into a disorganized-organized (that's what I like to define myself as) crafty mess. This will probably be our realty for the next couple of weeks as I try and plug away at the projects. Aj has been helping me set up an organized area in our living room for crafts..that way my scissors and socks don't have to keep sharing the same drawer in the closet.  (It think he is also helping so he can have the couch back...I don't blame him)   

My beautiful sewing machine! It is amazing! I now need to step up my game and expand my sewing skills. I'm thankful both my momma & mother-in-law sew and are great teachers. I'm looking forward to all I can learn from them. 
Lloyd thinks everything is for him! I spent an hour cleaning up and sanitizing the fabric after he decided to have nap time on everything!....He is a cutie though he loves to sit by me when I craft.

"You Will Always Be My Valentine"

Homemade & Hand-painted....with stencils of course
 (If that were my normal handwriting I would be famous)